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Albos Club Fregene

Wedding on the beach in Fregene

A wedding must be unique and perfect, so that bride and groom can enjoy their special day without having to worry about anything, except being happy and surrounded by the people they love. unico e perfetto, perché gli sposi possano godere del loro giorno speciale senza pensare a nulla, se non ad essere felici circondati dalle persone a cui tengono.

All’Albos Club a Fregene possiamo rendere questo giorno magnifico, con una cerimonia sulla spiaggia e un rinfresco da sciegliere tra: un aperitivo a bordo piscina, in Pagoda oppure sulla splendida terrazza del ristorante, alla luce suggestiva del tramonto.

At Albos Club, we can make this day magnificent, with a ceremony on the beach and refreshments on the terrace restaurant, in the beautiful light of sunset. Furthermore, we can directly manage the decorations, taking care of the details and the organization to make your dream come true and turn it into a memory that will last a lifetime.


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